What is Window Sticker and Decals?

Window stickers and decals, collectively referred to as window graphics, are often confused by many people as two completely different types of stickers. In reality, they are similar in terms of materials used, printing, and die-cutting. The only difference is that stickers are a two-layer, whole piece, while decals are a three-layer sticker that requires a transfer film or transfer paper. Decals contain only the pattern, logo, or text, with the rest being transparent. Because of their no-background feature, when decals are applied to glass, they blend seamlessly with the surface, giving the appearance of being directly printed on the glass, which is aesthetically pleasing and has been increasingly favored by customers in recent years.

Window Stickers vs. Decals:

Window Stickers:

  • Material: Stickers are usually made from materials such as PVC and electrostatic stickers, suitable for a variety of different applications.
  • Printing: Stickers can be printed in full color, spot color, or a combination of both, providing a diverse range of visual effects.
  • Size: There are no size restrictions for stickers, which can be customized to various dimensions.
  • Quantity: Generally, there is a minimum order quantity, such as 100 or 500.
  • Cost: The unit cost decreases significantly once a certain quantity is reached.
  • Features: Stickers are a two-layer, whole piece structure that is simple and easy to apply.
Side Window Glass sticker
Side Window Glass sticker

Window Decals:

  • Material: The materials used for decals are basically the same as for stickers, except electrostatic materials are not included.
  • Printing: Decals are more suitable for spot color printing and have certain limitations with four-color printing.
  • Size: Decal production is usually done with a lettering machine, requiring any strokes or lines to be at least 1mm thick to ensure accuracy.
  • Quantity: There are no quantity restrictions for decals; even a single piece can be customized.
  • Cost: For small orders, the cost of decals is lower; however, as the quantity increases, the cost becomes higher than that of stickers.
  • Features: Decals are a three-layer structure requiring a transfer film or paper, containing only the pattern or logo, with the rest being blank. This makes decals look neat and high-end when applied to windows, as if the design is directly printed on the glass.
window decals
window decals

In summary, the choice between stickers and decals depends on the specific application needs, budget, and desired visual effects. Stickers are more suitable for large-scale production and full-color designs, while decals have advantages in small quantities, high-end appearance, and detailed patterns.

Specifically for Glass Windows:

One-way Vision Stickers:

  • Features: This is a special material with many small holes on the surface. These holes allow the inside of the sticker to be visible while displaying printed content on the outside. The printed content needs to be large enough to ensure that the patterns or texts exceed the size of the holes, making them clearly visible.
  • Applications: Widely used on public buses, store windows, etc., to display advertisements or information. Notably, the interior view is visible from inside, but the outside view only shows the printed content, not the inside. Such as baby on board sticker.
one way vison sticker
one way vison sticker

Electrostatic Stickers:

  • Features: These stickers do not have adhesive but stick to smooth surfaces like glass through static electricity, making them easy to apply, remove, and reusable.
  • Applications: Often used for short-term promotions, seasonal decorations, or event directions, especially where frequent design changes are needed.

Double-sided Stickers:

  • Features: They can be printed with the same or different content on both sides, including full color, spot color, or a combination of both. These stickers are suitable for displaying content from both inside and outside.
  • Applications: Suitable for store windows, vehicle inspection stickers, etc., where a two-way visual effect is needed.
woodfree double side sticker
woodfree double side sticker

Adhesive Side Stickers:

  • Features: The patterns and content are printed on the adhesive side, allowing the sticker to be applied inside windows or car windows while the content is visible from the outside.
  • Applications: Particularly suitable for creative advertising and logo designs, providing a unique visual effect, especially when installed indoors but displayed outdoors.
car front glass sticker
car front glass sticker

In conclusion, these window graphics each have their unique features and application scenarios, and can be chosen based on actual needs and design goals to achieve the best visual effects and functionality.

Commonly Used Stickers on Glass Windows:

Transparent Stickers:

  • Features: The background is transparent except for the printed content, so it does not obstruct the view. However, it’s important to print a layer of white first when printing on transparent stickers, otherwise, the colors may appear faded and not accurately represent the design.
  • Applications: Commonly used for commercial advertisements and store signage, providing a clean and elegant appearance.
my family sticker
my family sticker

Die Cut Stickers:

  • Features: They are cut according to the shape of the printed content, minimizing the excess background that could affect the overall effect or block too much of the view.
  • Applications: Offers highly personalized decoration and branding promotion, suitable for various creative designs.
die cut sticker
die cut sticker

Transfer Stickers:

  • Features: These are three-layer stickers; the first layer is the transfer film or paper, the second layer is the sticker content, and the third layer is the backing paper. These stickers have no background.
  • Applications: Suitable for pure text, logos, and simple pattern decoration and promotion.

Each of these stickers has its unique features and applications, providing visual effects and meeting specific functional needs, making them play an important role in glass window applications.

fish transfer sticker
fish transfer sticker

Why Choose Li Yan Tian Window Graphics:

Since windows are transparent, Li Yan Tian’s window graphics offer various application methods, including inside application for outside viewing and outside application for outside viewing. Here are some of the main advantages of Li Yan Tian window graphics:

Multi Material Options:

  • White PVC: Strong design reproduction, good weather resistance, durability, and low cost.
  • Transparent PVC: Suitable for creating transparent effects, maintaining the transparency of the window.
  • One-way Vision: Allows viewing of the pattern from one side while maintaining visibility from the other side.
  • Reflective Material: Reflects light in low-light or nighttime conditions, increasing safety and visibility.
  • Holographic Material: Features a unique shimmering effect, enhancing aesthetics and catching the attention of passersby.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark: Absorbs light during the day and glows in the dark, suitable for safety indications and decorative purposes.
glow in the dark sticker
glow in the dark sticker

Adhesive Options:

  • Permanent: Ideal for long-term fixed use, difficult to remove.
  • Removable: Can be removed more easily without leaving residue.
  • Electrostatic: Adheres to smooth surfaces through static electricity, easy to move and reuse.

Printing Methods:

  • Screen Printing: Suitable for printing any PANTONE color and color printing for stickers requiring waterproof and sunproof quality for 3-5 years. Screen printing offers saturated and bright colors, ideal for outdoor stickers visible from a distance.
  • Inkjet Printing: Suitable for small quantity color sticker printing, not suitable for transparent stickers, with waterproof and sunproof quality lasting half a year to a year.
  • UV Printing: Suitable for small quantity color sticker printing, applicable to transparent stickers, with waterproof and sunproof quality lasting about 1-2 years.
screen printing machine
screen printing machine


  • Can be customized to any shape according to customer requirements.


  • Offers PANTONE solid colors and full-color options to meet different design needs.


  • Printing + Anti-counterfeit VOID: Enhances product security.
  • Variable Serial Number or QR Code: Suitable for tracking and marketing purposes.
  • Transfer Letter Stickers, Transfer Color Stickers: Easy to apply to different surfaces.
  • Suction Cup Stickers: Easy to install and remove without leaving marks.
Anti fake window sticker
Anti fake window sticker

Li Yan Tian’s window graphics, with their variety of material choices, printing methods, and highly customizable craftsmanship, are highly suitable for commercial promotion, safety indications, and personalized decoration. Why wait? Contact Li Yan Tian now to create your custom window graphics.

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