What is the difference between die cut and kiss cut stickers?

Whether you want to use stickers for packaging enhancement, decorate your machinery or toys to improve brand image, sell your custom-made brand art stickers or your own unique sticker designs, or wish to create personalized stickers, choosing the right type of sticker is crucial. We hope that the content of our article can be of assistance to you.


What is die cut stickers ?

A die-cut sticker is crafted by cutting through both the front paper and backing paper with a metal blade or mold. This process allows for the creation of stickers in any desired shape, extending beyond the typical rectangular, square, circular, or oval forms. The consistency in shape between the face paper and backing paper contributes to its visually appealing appearance, making it highly noticeable to customers and well-suited for promotional purposes.

die cut sticker
die cut sticker

what is kiss cut stickers?


A kiss cut sticker is a type of sticker where the cut goes through the sticker paper, but not through the backing paper. This technique creates a custom-shaped sticker that is easy to peel off from the backing.

kiss cut sticker sheets
kiss cut sticker sheets

Die cut vs kiss cut stickers


  • Die Cut Stickers: These stickers are cut to the exact shape of the design, which means the sticker and its backing are both cut into the same custom shape. This creates a unique and highly customized look.
  • Kiss Cut Stickers: The sticker itself is cut into a custom shape, but the backing paper is not. This results in a rectangle or square backing around the sticker, providing more material around the sticker for easier peeling and handling.

Cutting Technique:

  • Die Cut Stickers: The cutting process involves a die or a custom-shaped tool that cuts through both the sticker material and its backing. This process is ideal for creating a unique outline that follows the shape of the sticker’s design closely.
  • Kiss Cut Stickers: A lighter cut is used, which only goes through the sticker layer and not the backing paper. This allows for intricate designs and makes it possible to have multiple stickers on a single sheet, each with its unique shape.


  • Die Cut Stickers: Often delivered as individual stickers, each uniquely shaped according to the design. This makes them stand out but can be a bit more challenging to store and distribute in bulk compared to kiss cut stickers.
  • Kiss Cut Stickers: Typically delivered on larger sheets with multiple stickers per sheet. This makes it easier to handle and distribute, especially for larger quantities. It also allows customers to get a variety of designs on one sheet, which is efficient for packaging and shipping.

In summary, die cut stickers offer a distinct and custom shape for both the sticker and its backing, making them very visually appealing and unique. Kiss cut stickers, on the other hand, provide ease of use and efficiency in production and delivery, with multiple stickers per sheet and easier peeling. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs of the project, considering factors like the desired aesthetic, ease of distribution, and application method.


Die Cut Stickers:

  1. High Aesthetic Appeal: Die cut stickers are particularly effective for
    • Brand Sticker and Logo Sticker: Their ability to be cut into any shape makes them perfect for branding. Custom-shaped stickers align precisely with brand logos, creating a visually appealing and professional presentation. This is crucial for brand recognition and visibility.
  2. Versatility: Their unique shapes indeed open up a wide range of applications:
    • Laptop Stickers and Water Bottle Stickers: Ideal for personalizing everyday items, making them popular among consumers who wish to express their individuality or affiliations.
    • Vehicle Decals and Window Stickers: Their durability and customizability make them suitable for outdoor use, including on cars, which can serve both aesthetic and advertising purposes.
    • Warning Signs and Holographic Stickers: The precision of die cutting allows for creating attention-grabbing and functional stickers for safety and security purposes. Holographic stickers add an extra visual appeal.
    • They can be applied on various surfaces, serving both functional and decorative purposes in numerous contexts.
  3. DIY and Promotional Use: As society progresses and develops, people increasingly seek to express their individuality. Everyone wants to highlight their uniqueness and personal preferences. Therefore, many people turn to the internet to find and purchase stickers they like, using them to decorate their cherished items, gadgets, and even their homes.
    • Custom Stickers and DIY Stickers: They are a great fit for DIY enthusiasts who want to create personalized items or gifts. Their customizability allows for a personal touch in various projects.
    • Promotional Giveaways: Die cut stickers can be used as effective promotional tools in marketing campaigns. Their unique design can make a brand or event stand out, leaving a lasting impression on the recipients.
    • Transfer Stickers: These are particularly useful when a design is complex or needs to be applied to a tricky surface, providing versatility and precision in application.
transparent bumper sticker
transparent bumper sticker
laptop sticker
laptop sticker
glow in the dark car sticker
glow in the dark car sticker

Kiss Cut Stickers:

1.   Production and packaging Labels:

Ideal for products such as medicine ,cosmetics, food, beverages or thank you for purchasing our products . The operation of kiss cut stickers is convenient, easy to peel off, and highly efficient.

2.  Sticker Sheets: 

When you become an agent for some major brands, or design stickers for your own company in an artistic or craft style themed around the brand image, you can take these stickers to the market for sale.

3.  Promotional Stickers: 

Design and produce a sticker that reflects the brand image of your own company, and use it as a complimentary gift for customers with their purchases. Allow customers to stick these on their favorite products or items, even at home. This approach serves as a way to promote and advertise your brand at no cost.

4.  Decorative Stickers:

 To make their large machinery stand out in appearance while effectively promoting their products and brand image, many companies commission designers to create custom decals specifically for their products. These include various types of stickers for bicycles, motorcycles, tricycles, and machinery.

Additionally, some companies cater to customers’ individual needs by developing a wide range of personalized stickers. These allow customers to choose and decorate their products and items, such as stickers designed for children’s toys and the popular My Family stickers.

medicine label
medicine label
sticker sheet kiss cut
sticker sheet kiss cut
sticker sheet
sticker sheet


At Liyatian, we recommend choosing the appropriate type of stickers based on their intended use. In most cases, if your stickers will be used indoors and feature multiple designs, we suggest using kiss cut stickers. For indoor single-design decorative purposes, die cut stickers are generally preferred. However, for outdoor promotions, decoration, safety warnings, or gift purposes, die cut stickers are usually the suitable choice. Nevertheless, for outdoor products with multiple designs, kiss cut stickers can also be chosen for ease of handling.

Therefore, when making your selection, please make sure to consider factors such as where your stickers will be used, how they will be used, the mode of transportation, and whether they are for business or personal use. If you take these factors into account, along with the information provided in our article, you will find it much easier to decide whether to opt for die cut stickers or kiss cut stickers.

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