what is packaging label ?

Wine bottle label
Wine bottle label

Definition of PACKAGING LABEL:

   Packaging Labels that are applied to packaging to indicate the contents, product specifications, contact details, health and safety warnings and guidelines for use, and any additional marketing, branding, or pricing information that applies to a product.

shrink sleeve
Shrink sleeve

   Certain categories of products are subject to legal requirements, which require specific pieces of information to be added before an item can be sold. For example, retailers must display prices and quantities, and manufacturers or distributors must display any relevant health and safety warnings about potentially dangerous products. Products may need to be labelled with detailed specifications, ingredients and materials used to make the product, model and part numbers, contact information for the manufacturer or supplier, any standards that a product meets, recommended instructions for use, and any applicable health and safety warnings.

packaging label
packaging label

   Food packaging is particularly regulated, requiring the manufacturer’s information, name and description of the product, ingredients, instructions for use and storage, shelf life, place of origin, and allergy information, along with additional information such as nutritional content, consumer guarantees, and batch tracking information.

Food bottle label

   Packaging labels need to be durable, permanent labels that will allow important information to remain with an item for as long the packaging is kept.

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