one way vison sticker

what is one way vision sticker?

one way vision sticker
one way vision sticker

Describtion for one way vision sticker

One way vision sticker is 40% open area and 1.6mm perforations. It ensures that our one way window graphics can be used to advertise products and services on vehicles and buildings whilst maintaining visibility from the inside

perforated car window stickers

See-through window graphics provide one-way vision during the daytime. Our perforated window graphics are printed only white part not transparent hole part. So take care for design, the words or pictures cannot be small ,must be a little bigger.Otherwise maybe your design cannot print out . These window graphics are easily applied and removes quickly and cleanly.

* Full colour or spot color by screen printing

• Printed outdoor ink – Resistant to fading and scratching
• 40/60 – 40% transparent, 60% printed image
• Maintains visibility from the inside
• Applies to the outside of a window
• Weatherproof

. Any shape is available

Our one way vision window car decal sticker are UV resistant and waterproof for 3-5 years,You can choose permanent and removable adhesive as your perefer.

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