Why need wash-off label?

  With the development of human civilization and industrial automation, the concepts of energy conservation, environmental sustainability, recycling, and sustainable development have become strategic goals for governments worldwide. Recycling of containers such as beverage and beer bottles involves the rapid and effective disinfection and cleaning of recycled bottles. However, the challenge lies in how to simultaneously and swiftly disinfect and clean the labels on the bottles without adding any additional steps, thus ensuring the complete removal of labels.


wash off label

What is wash-off label ?

     Pressure-sensitive adhesives often leave adhesive residue during the tearing process, potentially requiring manual label removal and making it challenging to achieve full mechanization.

     On the other hand, wash off labels, when applied to recyclable bottles, can be easily removed with hot water containing 1-5% caustic soda. The labels automatically detach, meeting the requirements of modern automated production.

     To create an eye-catching shelf presence for beer and beverage products, labels come in a variety of colors, including transparent, semi-transparent, white, silver, matte, and various laser-etched patterns, as well as personalized shapes such as bottles, squares, angular shapes, and ovals to cater to diverse preferences.

     At the same time, environmental sustainability in recycling resources demands a green approach to wastewater utilization and discharge. The adhesive adheres to the label and undergoes harmless treatment along with the label, making it superior to dissolving and polluting water resources.

     Wash off labels can be applied using automatic labeling machines onto recyclable containers. When soaked in water at temperatures between 65-90°C for 60-120 seconds, the labels completely detach without leaving adhesive residue. The adhesive does not dissolve in water, ensuring the recyclability of both water resources and bottles. This solution is suitable for automated production lines, offering aesthetics, anti-counterfeiting, safety, and environmental friendliness.

The advantages of our wash-off labels include:

  1. No adhesive marks left on the surface.
  2. They feature attractive and exclusive designs.
  3. They can be produced in any desired shape.
  4. These labels can withstand normal washing conditions.
  5. They wash off effectively at temperatures ranging from 65 to 80 degrees Celsius.
  6. Suitable for application on both glass and PET materials.

By utilizing our wash-off labels, you can enjoy their environmental friendliness while maintaining an appealing aesthetic and functional labeling solution.

wash off label

Wash Off Adhesive Label

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