As UK Government introducing new driving regulations from 28th Sept 2021 vehicles and anything being towed should now display a “UK” Sticker as the country identifier not the old-style GB sticker or previous GB/Euro flag type ones.

Our UK flag number plate car stickers printed by screen . All the decal stickers are UV resistant and waterproof for 3-5 years with strong adhesive.

uk flag car decal

Uk stickers has several kind of ,one is oval UK stickers ,has adhesive and magnetic two kind of as below:

UK flag number plate car stickers
UK flag number plate car stickers

The official size is 18cm wide by 13.3cm tall.Use outdoor vinyl printing black UK with 0.5MM strong magnetic ,die cut as oval ,we can offer special packaging as your customer like. Some suppliers sell smaller ones because they look less intrusive on the car but they are not legal. I guess the police would need to be pretty petty to get a tape measure out, but never put it past them.

Do I Need a UK flag number plate car stickers on my Car?

100% yes if you are going to be driving outside of the UK. As mentioned above you definitely need a full size one, either adhesive or magnetic, in Cyprus, Malta and Spain.

Though you have the choice for other European countries to just rely on having the UK Number plate stickers. 

It is your choice but you must display at least one type of UK sticker. 

uk flag car sticker