Supermarket thermal barcode label

Material:Paper /vinyl
Color:CMYK, Pantone(PMS)
Printing:Full color Offset printing.
Feature:Eco-friendly, water-proof, oil-proof, anti-frozen,  etc.
Design & Shape:Any custom design and shape.


    Supermarket thermal barcode label

    Thermal labels features: * Excellent color performance, clear printing of text, bar codes and two-dimensional codes, and high recognition rate of horizontal bar code printing * Excellent scratch resistance, prevent the label from being colored due to collision and friction during the transportation of the goods, affecting the barcode identification * Excellent waterproof, oil-proof, solvent-proof and plastic-proof performance * Excellent weather resistance, high handwriting preservation performance, to prevent handwriting from fading under sunlight or humidity or yellowing of paper to prevent identification * Good print processing adaptability, especially suitable for UV ink printing * The paper has high anti-permeability and is suitable for glue coating processing * The product does not contain fluorescent brighteners, BPA ,BPS, and meets ROHS2.0 environmental protection requirements, and meets domestic and international environmental standards * Application fields:Parcel delivery label, logistics distribution label, cross transfer label, retail shelf label, warehouse management label, Address label;Weighing labels for groceries, cooked food, bread, hot food labels, self-weighing labels,retail labels;Product tags, production tags, industrial tags, RFID tags etc.
    Thermal Barcode Label
    Material :   paper /vinyl
    Color:          Full color
    Process:        die cut
    Packaging:  Roll Packaging
    Welcome for OEM & ODM for you unique sticker .Any requirement pls contact us here!

    storage conditions and precautions:

    1. Under the following storage environment, the printed handwriting can maintain legibility within 3 years from the production date: * Store at a temperature of ≤30 ° C and a relative humidity of ≤75% RH. * Avoid contact with solvents, plasticizers, oils, water, sweat and other substances. 2. The product remains readable for 5 years after printing under the following storage environment: * Characters are fully colored; * Store the paper at a temperature of ≤30 ° C and a relative humidity of ≤75% RH. * Avoid contact with solvents, plasticizers, oil, water, sweat, etc.

    * Mostly featuring on the clearness of printing * No illegible * No color fading

    * The Second features of 4×6 thermal direct shipping labels are Waterproof oil proof and Alcohol proof,Which, keeps the address info clear and not to be affected by the stuff above during transportation

    * It is very normal thing that your packages may be dragged or crashed during transportation,The 4×6 Scratch-proof shipping label has solved this problem, to keep your labels well protected in those cases

    * Easy to peel: there are perforations between the labels to convenient your use

    With Methdic 4×6 super sticky thermal shipping labels, no more need to an extra tape, no more need to concern about the adhesion.
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    Item Name
    Supermarket thermal barcode label
    paper /vinyl
    CMYK, Pantone(PMS)
    Full color Offset printing.
    Eco-friendly, water-proof, oil-proof, anti-frozen,  etc.
    Design & shape
    Any custom design and shape.
    100 pcs
    cosmetics, electronic cable, chemical products, office supplies, building materials, electrical appliances, hardware machinery,toys and gifts, daily necessities, clothing foreign trade company
    L/C,T/T, Western Union, PayPal, MoneyGram


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