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Packaging Evolution, Brand Renewal. Our Shrink Sleeve packaging infuses vitality into your products. With 360° coverage and eye-catching designs, make your brand stand out. Choose the future, choose Shrink Sleeve.


    Elevate Your Packaging Game: The Future of Shrink Sleeve Packaging

      Packaging is no longer just a means to encase products; it’s a medium for shaping brand identity, enhancing product appeal, and creating consumer resonance. In this fiercely competitive market, shrink sleeve packaging offers you limitless innovation and design possibilities.

       Liyantian is a professional shrink sleeves manufacturers. We don’t just print standard clear or white shrink sleeves for production packaging; we also have the capability to produce unique holographic shrink sleeves to your preferences. For further details, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

    Shrink sleeve label

    Why Choose sleeve wrapping?

    🔥 Visual Impact:

    Shrink wrap labels sets your product apart and grabs attention. Whether you need to increase brand awareness or boost sales, this packaging form generates a visual impact that makes you stand out.

    🌐 360-Degree All-Around Display:

    From the front to the back, from the top to the bottom, heat shrink wrap sleeves provides complete brand coverage. Consumers can see your brand information from any angle, increasing recognition.

    🌱 Eco-Friendly:

    We are committed to sustainability. Shrink wrap printing labels is made from recyclable materials, helping reduce packaging waste and contributing to the future of our planet.

    🔒 Security Assurance:

    Custom heat shrink labels not only offers eye-catching packaging but also ensures product security. Anti-counterfeiting features increase consumer trust in your products.

    Shaping the Future of Branding:

      Whether you’re in the food and beverage, cosmetics, medical supplies, or any other industry, shrink sleeve packaging is the future for elevating your packaging game. Make your brand shine in the market and become the consumer’s top choice.

    Surface finish process 

      Our company offers various special surface finishes for shrink sleeves, allowing you to differentiate your sleeves from others and capture people’s attention effortlessly. Feel free to select your preferred option.



    shrink sleeves for bottles
    spot UV

    Gold ,silver or holographic foil stamping

    Spot UV 



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