printed shrink sleeves

Elevate your brand and captivate your customers with our premium Printed Shrink Sleeves! Immerse your product in a stunning burst of colors, designs, and branding possibilities.


    custom printed heat shrink sleeves

        In a competitive market, standing out is crucial for your product. How can you do it? The answer is simple: choose our custom printed  shrink sleeves to infuse uniqueness and a professional look into your brand. Whether you’re in the food and beverage, cosmetics, medical supplies, or any other industry, we have the perfect solution for your product.

       Liyantian is a professional shrink sleeve label companies. We don’t just print standard clear or white shrink sleeves for production; we also have the capability to produce unique holographic shrink sleeves to your preferences. For further details, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

    VSOP offset printing machine
    VSOP offset printing machine

    Why Choose printed shrink wrap sleeves?

    1. Personalized Printing: Our VSOP printing machine and technology can bring out intricate patterns, eye-catching colors, and incredible details to make your packaging distinctive.


    2. All-Around Coverage: No matter the shape of your product, our heat shrink sleeves fit perfectly, offering 360° of advertising space for your product, ensuring your brand message is visible from every angle.


    3.Eco-Friendly Materials: We prioritize sustainability. Our label sleeves are made from recyclable materials, helping reduce packaging waste and making your brand more environmentally friendly.


    4. Tamper-Evident Protection: Ensure product safety and tamper-evident protection, enhancing customer trust.


    Tailor Your Brand:

    Whether you’re a newly established startup or a well-established brand in the market, we provide completely customized solutions to meet your unique needs. From design to printing, we work closely with you to ensure every detail is perfect.


    Boost Sales, Build Brand Image:

    custom printed shrink wrap not only help you increase sales but also raise brand awareness. Make your product stand out in a crowded market and become the customer’s top choice.


    Make Your Product Stand Out Now:

    No matter what your product is, we have the perfect solution to meet your packaging needs. We look forward to working with you to create a striking brand image.

    Surface finish process 

      Our company offers various special surface finishes for shrink sleeves, allowing you to differentiate your sleeves from others and capture people’s attention effortlessly. Feel free to select your preferred option.



    shrink sleeves for bottles
    spot UV

    Gold ,silver or holographic foil stamping

    Spot UV 



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