one way vision vinyl stickers

Size: 125 X 125 MM

Material : White one side vision vinyl

Color: Spot color
Shape: Die cut
Screen printing full color with spot color,UV resistant and waterproof for 3-5 years.
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    one way vision vinyl stickers

    one way vision vinyl stickers

    one way vision vinyl stickers

    Our high quality one way vision vinyl sticker can be printed in tiles to form large marketing aids across office and shop windows as well as car and van window promotional graphics.

    * Full colour or spot color by screen printing

    • Printed outdoor ink – Resistant to fading and scratching
      • 40/60 – 40% transparent, 60% printed image
      • Maintains visibility from the inside
      • Applies to the outside of a window
      • Weatherproof
    • . Any shape is available

    Perforated One Way Vision Window Vinyl sticker  – Contra Vision

    The perforated one-way vision film used to create our one-way window graphics is 40% open area and 1.6mm perforations. It ensures that our one way window graphics can be used to advertise products and services on vehicles and buildings whilst maintaining visibility from the inside.
    See-through window graphics provide one-way vision during the daytime. Our perforated window graphics are printed only white part not transparent hole part. So take care for design, the words or pictures cannot be small ,must be a little bigger.Otherwise maybe your design cannot print out . These window graphics are easily applied and removes quickly and cleanly.



       More information about outdoor car sticker

    1. Outdoor Vinyl Decal Sticker Function

    Outdoor Decal Sticker Function Custom vinyl sticker are UV weather heat resistant and waterproof ,so our custom vinyl decal sticker use special outdoor vinyl with Strong adhesive which change as weather changed. That’s why our sticker can stick on indoor or outdoor for at least 2-5 years without any broken or take off.

    car side sticker

    car side sticker


    2. Full color for 2-3 yearsand spot colors for 3-5 years

      Our decal sticker use special outdoor ink to print by screen printing machine. So the full colorcan last at least 2-3 years for outdoor. But full color has big net dot. Pls take care of it .
    Full color screen printing sticker

    Full color screen printing sticker

    Spot color will follow PANTON number to print them out,all the color is solid ,very bright, spot color can last at least 3-5 years for outdoor.
    UK flag spot color

    UK flag spot color

       No matter your decal sticker use for indoor or outdoor,our vinyl decal sticker are high quality with strong adhesive,all of them can use last for at least 3-5 years.

    3. Removable and permanent adhesive,static cling

      cut sticker custom Removable adhesive use for car ,window or plastic surface. If you prefer stick them several times and short time or donot want to left any adhesive on surface,This is best choice.
         Permanent adhesive have several kinds of ,depond of the stick surface.Any kind of permanent adhesive suitable for glossy surface. If matte surface,special big matte,like tire,tool box.matter engine oil bottle,brick wall,must use special adhesive or make decals sticker out.Static cling decal sticker without adhesive,only suitable for window or glass surface.

    4.Die Cut to Any Shape

    Die cut decal

    Die cut decal

    We can die cut to any shape as your like,also can make kiss cut as your requirement. Even different shape,still offer best price to you with high quality.

    All Car and Vehicle Decals

    We offer several different vehicle decal types to ensure you are able to get the decal that best meets your needs. Create a consistent look and make your vehicle stand out by incorporating several different types of decals on your car or truck.

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