Holographic shrink sleeves

A holographic shrink sleeve combines the holographic elements with the shrink sleeve technology. This means that the label not only shrinks to fit the container but also features holographic effects, creating a dynamic and visually striking appearance.


    Hologram Shrink Sleeve

         A holographic shrink sleeve is a type of packaging material used to label and decorate products, primarily for branding and marketing purposes. It combines holographic technology with shrink sleeve labeling.

        Holographic shrink sleeves are commonly used in packaging for a variety of products, including beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods, to enhance product visibility, brand recognition, and anti-counterfeiting efforts.

        Holographic shrink sleeves has part hologram and whole hologram two result for shrink sleeve . Detail depond on customer requirement. There is  rainbow holograpic ,glitter holographic,prismatic holographic and so on. You can choose whatever you like.

    shrink sleeve label
    printed shrink sleeve
    Rainbow holographic shrink sleeve
    holographic shrink sleeves
    Glitter holographic shrink sleeve
    holographic shrink sleeve
    Prismatic holographic shrink sleeves


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