digital shrink sleeves

Digital shrink sleeves made by digital printing machine,normal use for printing shrink sleeve samples or small quantity with fast turnround.


    Digital Shrink sleeve printing

       Digital shrink sleeve, often referred to as digital shrink sleeve labels , are a type of label used in the packaging of production. These labels are made from a heat-shrinkable plastic material, typically PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) or PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol), and they are designed to conform to the shape of the can when heat is applied.

       Liyantian is a professional company specializing in digital printing shrink sleeve. We don’t just print standard clear or white shrink sleeves for goods; we also have the capability to produce unique holographic shrink sleeves to your preferences. For further details, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

    Shrink sleeve label

     Here’s how digital shrink sleeve labels work and their benefits:

    1. Label Design: printable shrink wrap labels can be printed with high-quality graphics, branding, and product information. They are ideal for wrapping the entire can’s surface, providing a 360-degree canvas for creative and eye-catching designs.

    2. Application: The shrink wrap labels is applied to the empty can using specialized machinery. The label is typically a tube-shaped piece of plastic that fits over the can. The label is then seamed or overlapped to secure it in place. 

    3. Heat Shrinking: Heat is applied to shrink sleeve cans ,jar or shrink sleeve for bottle, causing the shrink sleeve to tightly and uniformly adhere to the can’s or bottle’s shape. The plastic shrink sleeves and conforms to the can’s or bottle’s surface, creating a snug and smooth fit.

    4. Small Moq:  Customer digital shrink sleeve printing small moq in their diy design and production .This can help them save a lot of test cost .

       Custom shrink sleeves are commonly used in the beverage industry, particularly for products like beer, soft drinks, energy drinks, and other canned beverages. They offer a visually appealing, durable, and customizable way to package and brand products, making them more noticeable on the shelves and appealing to consumers.


    Surface finish process 

      Our company offers various special surface finishes for shrink sleeves, allowing you to differentiate your sleeves from others and capture people’s attention effortlessly. Feel free to select your preferred option.



    shrink sleeves for bottles
    spot UV

    Gold ,silver or holographic foil stamping

    Spot UV 



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