custom sauce bottle labels maker


Material :   PP
Color:        CMYK color, as customer’s requirements.
Printing:     Offset printing
Surface finishing:Matte/glossy lamination,glossy varnishing, UV coating.


Welcome for OEM & ODM for you unique sauce bottle label  .Any requirement pls contact us here!


    custom sauce bottle labels maker


    sauce bottle label

    sauce bottle label

    Liyantian is  a high lever custom sauce bottle labels maker in China,We offer professional suggesstion to customer for their design,assit customer to choose right marerial and surface process to unique high quality label out.

    What is sauce bottle labels?

    A sauce bottle label is a piece of material, typically adhesive, that is affixed to a sauce bottle to provide information about the contents, branding, and other relevant details. It serves as a visual representation of the product and helps consumers identify the sauce, its ingredients, nutritional information, and other necessary information.

    Sauce bottle labels can vary in design, size, and shape, depending on the brand and the type of sauce being packaged. They often include the following elements:

    1. Product Name: The name or brand of the sauce is prominently displayed on the label to grab attention and create brand recognition.
    2. Logo: The logo of the sauce brand or company is typically included to reinforce brand identity and establish visual recognition.
    3. Ingredients: A list of the sauce’s ingredients is usually provided to inform consumers about what goes into the product. This is particularly important for individuals with dietary restrictions or allergies.
    4. Nutritional Information: Many sauce bottle labels include nutritional facts, including serving size, calories, fat content, sugar content, and other relevant details.
    5. Allergen Warnings: If the sauce contains common allergens like gluten, nuts, or dairy, the label may include allergen warnings to ensure consumers with allergies are aware.
    6. Usage Instructions: Some labels provide instructions on how to use the sauce, whether it’s for cooking, marinating, or dipping.
    7. Branding and Design Elements: The label may incorporate branding elements, such as color schemes, typography, graphics, or illustrations, to create a visually appealing and cohesive look that reflects the brand’s image.
    8. Barcodes and QR Codes: Depending on the distribution and retail requirements, the label may feature barcodes or QR codes for inventory management and easy scanning at the point of sale.

    It’s important to note that specific labeling requirements may vary by country or region. Different jurisdictions have regulations regarding the information that must be included on food product labels, such as legal disclaimers, certifications, or specific labeling formats. It’s essential to research and comply with the applicable regulations when creating sauce bottle labels for commercial use.






    Packaging promotion advertising decoration


    Custom paper label


    water-proof UV resistant anti-frozen heat-resistant Eco-friendly


    Offset Silkscreen printing UV printing


    CMYK Color PMS spot color


    Any custom shape

    Surface finishing

    Glossy / Matt Embossing Spot UV Foil stamping


    butterscotch sauce packaging


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