Custom laptop decal sticker

Size: 130 X 60 MM
Material : White artpaper
Color: CMYK color
Shape: Die cut
Offset printing full color matte lamination with die cut .


    Custom laptop decal sticker

    Great For Use On the Windows or Body of Any Vehicle

    Clear car decals can be used on the inside or outside of windows, doors, or any other area of your vehicle. They have also been specifically designed to not damage your car’s paint or windows and are able to withstand most car washes and windshield wipers.

    cut sticker custom

    What Are Clear Car Decals?

    A clear car decal is an image or graphic printed directly onto transparent vinyl material. This allows the background of the decal to be see-through where not printed, making this a great option to use on car windows without obstructing your view. Clear car decals can be placed on either the outside or inside of your vehicle’s window and can also be applied to the sides, doors, and body without damaging paint.Custom clear vehicle decals are generally used to advertise one’s business or products on cars, trucks, vans, jeeps, motorcycles,or any other vehicle. They are also great for showing off sports teams, logos, personal designs, and more.

    1. Outdoor Sticker Function

        Outdoor Sticker Function Custom vinyl sticker are UV weather heat resistant and waterproof ,Our custom vinyl sticker ,use special outdoor vinyl with Strong adhesive which change as weather changed. So our sticker can stick on indoor or outdoor for at least 3-5 years without any broken or take off.
    PVC sticker

    2. Full color for 2-3 yearsand spot colors for 3-5 years

    Our sticker use special outdoor ink to print by screen printing machine. So the full color can last at least 2-3 years for outdoor. But full color has big net dot. Pls take care of it .
    Spot color will follow PANTON number to print them out,all the color is solid ,very bright, spot color can last at least 3-5 years for outdoor.
    custom stickers

       No matter your sticker use for indoor or outdoor,our vinyl sticker are high quality with strong adhesive,all of them can use last for at least 3-5 years.

    3. Removable and permanent adhesive,static cling
        Removable and permanent adhesive,static clingRemovable adhesive use for car ,window or plastic surface. If you prefer stick them several times ,short time or donot want to left any adhesive on surface,This is best choice.Permanent adhesive have several kinds of ,depond of the stick surface.Any kind of permanent adhesive suitable for glossy surface,if matte surface,special big matte,like tire,tool box.matter engine oil bottle,brick wall,must use special adhesive or make sticker out.Static cling sticker without adhesive,only suitable for window or glass surface.
    cut sticker custom
    4.Die Cut to Any Shape
    We can die cut to any shape as your like,also can make kiss cut as your requirement. Even different shape,still offer best price to you with high quality.


    All Car and Vehicle Decals

    We offer several different vehicle decal types to ensure you are able to get the decal that best meets your needs. Create a consistent look and make your vehicle stand out by incorporating several different types of decals on your car or truck.

    Item Name
    Custom laptop decal sticker
    Facestock Material
    Permanent adhesive
    Pantone spot color
    Screen printing
    Surface finishing
    glossy varnishing, UV coating ,carving or engraving with transfer film or paper,embossing etc.
    Any shape as customer’s requirement
    Water-proof and UV resistant for above2-3years
    As customer’s requirement
    Airplain,train,boat,bus,car,truck,vehicle,container,motorcycle,bicycle,tricycle and outdoor,wall &window advertising sticker
    cut sticker customcustom stickers
    PVC sticker
    custom stickers
    White PVC car sticker                            0.25MM PVC car sticker                                Double side car sticker
    Stickers personalised
    Stickers personalised
    custom stickers
       Transparent car sticker                          Metel with reflective sticker                    3M reflective sticker
    PVC sticker
    custom stickers
          Glow in the dark sticker                       Transfer sticker                                    Reflective magnetic sticker
    Stickers personalised
    Stickers personalised
    custom stickers

        Established in the 1980s, LYT Printing, a Guangzhou located enterprise has grown up from a simple paper-products factory to a national-wide leader in SMART PRINTING area.

    The main products of LYT Printing are IML ( In-Mold Label), Shrink Sleeve Labels, Pressure Sensitive Label, RFID and Apparel Label&Tags and outdoor bumper decal sticker making .

    As for printing machine, LYT has 2 lines of VSOP printing machines from Germany, LYT Printing is the first one in China to provide VSOP offset printing with No cylinder cost, reasonable price, image quality and quick delivery time. Additionally, GH Printing is equipped with other printing press like flexo printing press, gravure printing press.Also we provide personalized HP digital printing.

    AVT machine is for Print Process Control & QA Systems For Packaging, Labels &Commercial Print. AVT machine lowers production cost,ensure print quality,reduce waste,detect critical defects,boost productivity.

    As ISO 9001 certified company, LYT printing maintains optimal quality control on all projects for product integrity. With the support of technical department, pre-print department, and our long-term cooperated raw material partners, we will provide you with professional service from beginning to the end of each order. We passed the environmental management test to accomplish the ISO 14001 system certificate because we apply ECO UV inks which has no VOC solvent ink pollution.

    1. We has 16 printing press of different printing method like offset,flexo,gravure including 2 lines of VSOP web offset
    printing,the most advanced machine in the world.
    2、We are well-experienced factory specializing in label printing for almost 25 years.With years experience, we are good at solve the problems during process.

    3、Dust free workshop suitable for high quality food packaging label sticker making.
    4、We has our own technical member and professional after-sales team.
    cut sticker custom

                     custom stickers

    Pre printing prepare                                                                       Kodak Electra XD Thermal Plates Machine

    VSOP printing press is ideal for printing flexible packaging, labels, films and board. Its new sleeve technology allows print sizes to be changed quickly and easily and is most cost-effective for print lengths that change frequently.

    The VSOP can be integrated with flexo, screen,gravure and digital print units, as well as foil stamping, laminating, punching and sheeting. This makes it easy to configure for
    the specific requirements of customers. When used for printing food packaging, electron beam or UV drying hardens the ink in an inert and therefore low-oxygen atmosphere, so odors are almost completely eliminated.
    Technology 520 :

    web width: max 520mm
    maximal print width: 500mm
    repeat range: any print length between 407-719mm
    variable in steps of: 1/6″
    non-printing zone: 9mm
    image carrier: offset plate, conventional or CTP wet offset
    maximum printing speed: standard: 300m/min, optional:400m/min
    max unwind wiameter: 1270mm
    max. rewind diameter: 1270mm
    printing material thickness range: 10-300micron
    blanket thickness(rubber): 1.95mm
    ps plate thickness: 0.30mm

    cut sticker custom
    HP Indigo Press WS4500 Digital Printing Machine                  ZJR-450 8C+2 Flexo Printing Machine
    cut sticker custom
    Small 6C Offset Printing Machine                                                        Slitting Machine
    Hot Stamping and Die cut Machine                                                   Screen printing Machine
    Automatic Quality Checking Machine                                  Automatic Quality Checking Machine
    Stickers personalised
    custom stickers
    PVC sticker
    PVC sticker
    custom stickers
    cut sticker custom
    custom stickers
    custom stickers

    PVC sticker, custom stickers, cut sticker custom, Stickers personalised


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