cosmetic packaging wholesale

Material : 373G  Metallic Artpaper
Color :  Full color
Process: Glossy and die cut
   OEM or ODM are welcome ,Pls fell free to contact us for further information.
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    cosmetic packaging wholesale

    cosmetic paper boxes

    cosmetic paper boxes




    Your cosmetics deserve packaging that promotes and reflects their value: choose the perfect container and tailor it to your brand. In addition, with options like custom cut-outs you can offer customers a sneak peek of the contents, and explore different shapes and matching inside printing.



    Cosmetic boxes

    In our extensive catalogue, you can find a wide range of products for custom printed packaging. Here, we have selected the best solutions for printing personalised cosmetic boxes that are ideal for packaging creamsperfumes and other bodycare products. With LYT printing, you can create custom cosmetics packaging aligned with your company branding. We offer a convenient and efficient printing service to help you create boxes and pouches that meet your needs.

    Don’t take precious time away from your business! Print your new cosmetic boxes online and have them delivered directly to your business or office.

    Custom cosmetics packaging

    At LYT printing, “customisation” is the name of the game. You can print your graphics on the outer and inner surface of your new cosmetic boxes, to create unique and instantly recognisable packaging. They can be elegant and refined boxes, or creative boxes with a captivating design. You can choose from various models and sizes, and there are also other customisation options available, allowing you to select the materiallamination and a special finish.

    Your creativity and our printing technology to create the best-quality cosmetic boxes, ready to package your products.

    Print your new cardboard cosmetic boxes

    The cosmetic boxes are made from cardboard and printed in high definition using the best printing technology on the market. There are various models, such as the classic promotional boxes and crash lock boxes, popular with those favouring simplicity. There are also oval boxes and pillow boxes, with a smooth, elegant shape, ideal for packaging creams and bodycare products. Alternatively, you can choose hexagonal boxes and triangular boxes for a creative, original shape.

    Cosmetic packaging: custom printed boxes and pouches

    Facial Mask Packaging Bag

    Facial Mask Packaging Bag

    With so many ideas for custom cosmetics packaging, we recommend taking a look at the new cosmetic and bodycare pouches. They are LYT Doypack pouches, perfect for packaging creams, face masks and other products that require extra protection. You can choose from various sizes and materials to print tailor-made pouches.

    The multi-layer Doypack technology in the cosmetic pouches insulates the contents against the outside environment and protects them from situations of stress that could be encountered during storage or transport. Available in stand-up or flat models, the cosmetic pouches can be fully printed with your graphics with a zip fastening and hang hole.

    Cosmetic boxes and lots of other solutions for you

    At LYT printing, you can find everything you need to create custom packaging. Not only cosmetic boxes and pouches but also all kinds of other solutions to decorate and promote your products: custom printed labels, stickers and tags. You can also print bags and shopping bags featuring your logo to customise them and align them with your shop’s branding.

    Find the best solutions for you and unleash your creativity!



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