3.5 custom printed shape mylar bags three side sealing guangzhou food packaging bag

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    bags three side seal bag
    3.5 custom printed shape mylar bags three side sealing guangzhou food packaging bag
    * EXTENDED STORAGE – The fish pouch bag is PET and foil material, which means your food will stay fresher for longer than a regular ziplock bag. This bags are suitable for packing, storing, shipping, sampling, and sorting of an assortment of goods.* PRACTICAL – Excellent for your storage needs! You can store coffee, beans, candy, sugar, rice, baking, cookies, nuts, dried fruit, dried flowers, powder, snack, medicine, herbs, spices, and much more. Easy to transport and store wherever you like!* VERSATILITY – The resealable fish bags can heat sealable, double sided glossy heat seal bags. The fish pouch bags can work with various food sealer machines for extra protection. All bags are airtight, waterproof and leak proof!* SIZE – Outer size is 178*255+80MM. Bags are 0.125mm per layer, foil bag pouch will protect your goodies against dry climates whether. Any custom size are available. Pls contact us soon.
    three-side sealing food packaging bag
    bags three side seal bag
    Key Benefits
    These handy pouches are very useful for light weights, lower cost vs. rigid containers, consumer-friendly,
    on-shelf product differentiation, brand retention and many more…
    bags three side seal bag


    Candy Shaped Pouch
    three-side sealing food packaging bag


    Doypack Zipper Bag
    3.5 custom printed mylar bags


    Chocolate Bar Gusset Pouch
    bags three side seal bag
    Nut Food Flat Bottom Pouch
    3.5 custom printed mylar bags
    Stand Up Mylar Pouch
    three-side sealing food packaging bag
    Laminated Plastic Bags
    Product Name
    Mylar bag
    PET/PET / PE

    Gravure printing; over 8 colors
    From 50g to 5kg, 10kg, 15kg or as customers’ requirement
    Custom based on your requirement
    Ink Type
    Eco-friendly food grade soy ink
    Main Features
    1).Safety Food Grade material & Perfect Printing2).Great to prevent leakage, excellent Moiseture-Proof3).Strong sealing Bottom & Durable Ziplock
    Usage Field
    Snack, milk power, beverage power, nuts, dried food, dried fruit,Seeds, coffee, sugar, spice, bread, tea, herbal, wheat, washing powder, salt, pet food, candy, rice etc.
    TT, Trade Assurance, Paypal
    three-side sealing food packaging bag
    3.5 custom printed mylar bags
    bags three side seal bag
    three-side sealing food packaging bag
    FAQWhat is MOQ ? RTS MOQ is 50-100pcs

    Printing logo bag MOQ is 5000pcs , Spout MOQ is 10000pcs What is the turnround time for an order ?Less than 100,000pcs need 15-20 days,More than 500,000pcs need 30 days What kind of printing file we need offer for bag ?We need vector file for printing ,such as : AI,CDR,PDF ,EPS and original PSD.Can you offer sample ?Sure ,we can offer free other customer sample for you to test it ,if you need your own sample ,need pay some sample fee.What is our advantages ?1. Two Printing machine* High-speed rotogravure printing, state-of-the-art robotic capabilities* Print width range: 13″ minimum – 62″ maximum* Print repeat range: 12 1/4″ minimum – 52″ maximum* Colour range: 8-color maximum plus combinations* Product range: Surface or reverse sheeting or tubing* Computer controlled ink blending, dispensing and matching system2. Three composite machine ,one is Simplex SL. Good for food ,drink .3. 7 bag making machine to solve your lead time problem .Plastic pouches are biodegradable ?The good thing about plastic pouches is that they are biodegradable.Plastic pouches are broken down within a period of time after they are thrown out. These biodegradable plastic pouches are decomposed by living organisms such as bacteria. This makes them safe for the environment as they do not leave any trace behind after decomposition.Plastic pouches are weatherproof and durable?Most plastic pouches are chemical-resistant and are not so vulnerable to tearing. They are more durable.These pouches are weatherproof and its content is protected from exposure to water and this is what makes it better than paper bags and cloth bags.Are Plastic Pouches Resealable?Plastic pouches come with different kinds of seal including screw caps, zipper, lid, etc. These seals are made in a way thatenhances resealing after use to preserve the freshness of content. Customers get to indicate their seal preference when purchasing from Tedpack. We also offer recommendations as to the ideal sealing choice considering your product type.Are Plastic Pouches Reusable?Not only are plastic pouches recyclable, but they can also be reused. According to reports, several users do not discard plastic pouches after the first use as they often get creative with the uses towhich they can put the plastic pouches. The low-density polyethylene plastic pouches, for instance, can be used about 4 times before discarding it. Can I print on the plastic pouches?We understand the importance of product appearance and so we assist our customers with printing on plastic pouches they order from us.Companies are expected to send their preferred artwork and design to us and we make relevant corrections and recommendations before sending back to them. Our manufacturing process does not start until we are certain that our customers are satisfied with the corrected artwork and designs.What are the printing options available?There is no need to bother if you do not already have an idea of how you want the printing to be done.Liyantian is here to help you with that.We offer two major types of pouch printing: flexographic printing and rotogravure printing.Digital printing is also available upon request. We have a detailed procedure on how you can go about communicating your printing choice with us here.What are the sizes of plastic pouches?When describing the size and dimensions of a plastic pouch, it is usually described as Width x Length x Thickness. The width and length are measured in “inches” while the thickness is the gauge.The width of the pouch refers to the side of it that opens. Usually, but not in all cases, the width is the side of the pouch that opens.The dimension of the width always comes before the length while the thickness of the pouch comes last. As indicated above, the thickness is often expressed in gauge.As a rule of thumb, 100 gauge is equivalent to 1/1000 of an inch.A plastic pouch with 120 gauge is a light duty and is a good choice for protective covering.A plastic pouch with 250 gauge is medium duty and should be the preferred choice for holding light substances.When strength is a requirement, a plastic pouch with a 500 gauge is the ideal choice.What are the different plastic pouch packaging styles?There are different packaging styles for a plastic pouch.The most popular ones include:* Stand up pouches* Fin seal pouches* 3-side seal pouches* Shaped pouchesHow do I order plastic pouches from Liyantian?You can contact our representatives who will provide you with a list of the best options based on your demand and the aim of packaging.Thereafter, the information you provide will be analyzed and samples will be sent to you so you can make the final choice.
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    bags three side seal bag, 3.5 custom printed mylar bags, three-side sealing food packaging bag


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