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Customized protein label printed play a vital role in the marketing of protein supplements. In today’s competitive market, protein snacks and supplements demand visually striking labels with bold graphics to captivate the attention of potential customers. Liyantian offers custom protein and supplement labels that are not only visually appealing but also designed to highlight your ingredients and features in an attractive and easily readable manner.

With state-of-the-art printing technology and a rich history of 30 years in the industry, Liyantian is well-equipped to fulfill your protein label needs. Whether it’s customizing the label material, surface finish, or even the label dimensions, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your specifications. Notably, we employ ECO UV inks in our printing process, ensuring that our labels are odorless and ideal for food packaging. Moreover, our approach is environmentally conscious, as our printing process avoids the use of VOC solvent inks, minimizing any potential pollution concerns.

Premium Supplement Labels

Our self-adhesive label solutions provide unparalleled quality and a wide array of captivating special finishes, ensuring your protein supplement stands out in the market.

With our state-of-the-art label printing machinery, we offer an extensive range of special finishes and embellishments for your protein labels. From striking foils and elegant embossing to eye-catching varnish options, our goal is to give your supplement label a visually commanding edge, setting your brand apart from the competition.

Our advanced printing technology and processes enable us to deliver exceptional print quality, offering a choice between CMYK or Pantone colors based on your selected printing method. This ensures that all your branding requirements are met.

Additional printing features include:

  • Embossed 
  • Screen Printing
  • Glossy or Matt Laminating
  • Different gold or silver foil stamping
  • Reverse or adhesive side printing
  • Biggest size : 480*650MM
  • Hole-punching
  • Die cutting
  • Texturing
  • Glossy or matt Varnish
  • Spot UV
  • Anti-fake holograhic result

Protein labels must withstand scraping and chipping to ensure the legibility of all printed information. They must also adhere permanently to the container throughout the product’s lifespan. We guarantee the use of top-quality materials and permanent adhesives, ensuring none of your protein products become unsellable.

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Protein Supplement Label Regulations

Protein supplement label regulations vary depending on the country or region where the product is being sold. It is important for manufacturers and sellers to comply with the specific regulations in their target market to ensure product safety and transparency. Here are some general considerations regarding protein supplement label regulations:

  1. Accurate and Clear Product Information: Protein supplement labels should provide accurate and clear information about the product. This includes the product name, quantity, serving size, and any relevant instructions for use.

  2. Ingredient Declaration: A comprehensive list of all ingredients used in the protein supplement must be included on the label. Ingredients should be listed in descending order of predominance by weight.

  3. Allergen Information: If the protein supplement contains common allergens such as milk, soy, wheat, eggs, or nuts, it is important to clearly state their presence on the label. This helps individuals with allergies or dietary restrictions make informed choices.

  4. Nutrition Facts: Protein supplement labels should include a nutrition facts panel that provides information on key nutrients such as calories, protein content, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. The format and specific requirements for the nutrition facts panel may vary depending on the country.

  5. Health Claims and Marketing Claims: Regulations regarding health claims and marketing claims can be strict and vary by jurisdiction. It is essential to ensure that any claims made on the label regarding the health benefits or efficacy of the product are supported by scientific evidence and comply with local regulations.

  6. Labeling Language and Requirements: Labels should be presented in a language that is easily understandable to the target market. Additionally, specific label requirements such as font size, legibility, and label placement may be outlined by regulatory bodies.

It is important to note that these guidelines are general in nature, and specific regulations may differ between countries and regions. To ensure compliance with protein supplement label regulations, it is recommended to consult with regulatory authorities or seek legal advice in the target market.

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