What is a clear bottle label ?



Clear labels (also called transparent stickers)are a type of printing material made from transparent film and transparent adhesive.        So clear labels has two special characteristics:  waterproof and see through background

 “Transparent labels” has excellent performance, strong adhesion, perfect adherence to products, no easy to peeling and curling, durable, and are widely used in various industries such as food glass bottle labeling, glass jar labeling, beverage bottle labeling, cosmetic bottle labeling, daily chemical products, and more. A transparent stickers can capture people’s attention by offering a label-free sensation.”

transparent bottle label

Transparent Bottle Label

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Can you print color on clear labels?

    Because transparent materials are see-through, all colors need to be printed on a white background to achieve the intended design color effects. Therefore, when preparing files for printing transparent labels, please pay extra attention to the colored areas, ensuring that white ink is printed under the colored inks, except for black, gold, and silver.

      The printing files for transparent labels requires more attention to where white ink needs to be applied and where it doesn’t. So, product label companies, designers, and label producers need to work together to think out how to make perfect transparent labels printing.

transparent stickers

What are the 4 type of clear labels material ?

Transparent labels can be categorized based on their material. Here are different types of transparent labels and their characteristics:

Transparent PET:

Characteristics: This material is relatively rigid and offers waterproof, high-temperature resistance, sun resistance, and durability. Applications: It is commonly used for products with smooth surfaces, such as electronics casings, outdoor equipment, automotive exteriors, glass surfaces, and sealing labels. Visual Effect: When overlaid with a topcoat, it presents a frosted visual effect, though it does not have an actual frosted texture. Applying a topcoat can enhance the product’s premium appearance.

Transparent PE:

Characteristics: This material is flexible, has some elasticity, and offers good waterproof properties. Applications: It is frequently used for items like bottles and tubes in the cosmetics industry.

Transparent BOPP:

Characteristics: It boasts high transparency and good waterproof properties, with a relatively rigid material. Applications: It is often used for transparent bottles in the cosmetics industry, achieving a label-free appearance. It can also be used to create gap-adhesive stickers for promotional labeling, effectively attracting consumers.

Transparent PVC:

Characteristics: This material is relatively soft and provides waterproofing, temperature resistance, and durability. It is suitable for adhering to curved surfaces. Note: PVC material can emit an odor, especially when exposed to high temperatures, making it environmentally unfriendly. As such, PVC stickers are generally not used, except for static cling stickers. Applications: It is typically used for products that need to be adhered to curved surfaces. However, due to environmental concerns, PVC stickers, except for static cling ones, are not commonly employed.

It’s important to note that static cling stickers are a special type of transparent label. They are made of PVC material but do not contain adhesive. They adhere to smooth surfaces using static electricity, leaving no residue when peeled off and preserving the appearance of the adhered surface. They offer good transparency and can be removed and reapplied for a certain duration without losing their adhesive properties. Static cling stickers are an environmentally friendly and highly transparent option.


Q1: Are you manufacturer or trade company?

   We are 100% manufacturer with our own factory for printing.

Q2: where is your factory ?

  our factory located in east of Guangzhou.takes one hours from export or train east to reach .

Q3: Do you have MOQ?

  Our MOQ is 100pcs .But more quantity ,more cheaper. Small quantity, high cost.

Q4:How long is the turnaround time?

It takes about 7-10 working days to finish.

Q5:What information do I need to provide for quotation?

  Artwork, size, material , quantity and destination for delivery. 

Q6: What formats of files could you accept for printing?

  PDF, Ai, CDR, PSD, even JPG but the resolution should be 300dpi or above.