Liyantian make high quality bumper sticker 

Liyantian specializes in crafting professional outdoor bumper stickers printing manufacturer in China, utilizing advanced screen printing techniques for their production. Our offerings encompass a wide spectrum of colors, including spot Pantone shades and full CMYK color range. We take pride in providing a diverse array of sizes and shapes to choose from, allowing for customization according to your preferences.

Moreover, our bumper stickers offer the flexibility of selecting distinct materials, enabling the creation of truly unique designs. By simply sharing your design concepts and specifications with us, we will translate them into high-quality bumper stickers that align with your vision.

It’s worth noting that all our bumper stickers are designed to withstand UV exposure and are waterproof, ensuring their durability for a span of 3-5 years. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to delivering products that meet the highest standards of quality and longevity.

UV resistant
Any shape

With UV resistance and a lifespan of 3-5 years, it guarantees long-lasting durability.

Crafted from vinyl, this material ensures waterproof performance for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Shape your design as you envision, and have it expertly die-cut to match your preferences: Design according to your vision, and have it precisely die-cut to your liking.

Bumper sticker styple:

bumper sticker
White bumper sticker
holographic sticker
Holographic bumper sticker
transparent bumper sticker
Transparent bumper sticker
glow in the dark sticker
Glow in the dark bumper sticker
reflective sticker
Reflective bumper sticker
fish transfer sticker
Transfer bumper sticker

Frequently asked questions

1. Are you manuafacturer?
Absolutely!Liyantian is a profestional bumper sticker manufacturer. We all use screen printing to make them out.
2.What color liyantian can print?
We can print any spot pantone number as your requirement. Also can print CMYK full colors.
3. What kindess of your bumper sticker?
Our normal bumper sticker is 0.1MM thickness,We also can make 1-2MM thickness bumper stickers out as your like.
4.What is bumper sticker moq?
Moq is 100pcs .
5.What artwork format required for printing?
Printing need AI ,CDR ,EPS,PDF or psd or JPG and so on. Detail pls contact with us.
6.How long are your bumper sticker last for ?
 Our full colors bumper sticker last for 2-3 years. Spot color bumper sticker last for 3-5 years at least ,and even more longer.
7. Can you print serious number on bumper sticker?
Sure,we can printing serious number and QR barcode on our bumper sticker.
car bumper sticker

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